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2 litres/100km - 28 mpg UK - 23 mpg US (Average), 0 to 100 km/h (62mph) in 6. With a fuel consumption of 10. 0L small turbo,86000,Low 5 owners from new,4K miles in last 5 years,Full history,Original. The Ford Sierra RS Cosworth has been rising in popularity over these last few years to the point that some ultra-clean examples have traded hands for over 0,000 and this may become one of the. These Escort Cosworths were true “forbidden fruit” in the USA in the 1990s. It&39;s making 600 horsepower thanks to a Cosworth YB engine under the hood, and it sounds.

The latest Escort Cosworth uses Ford&39;s own unique EECIV management system, this is a different story altogether! The company Ford is planned, that the Escort will replace Sierra in the rally already in 1988, since for the victory in the world Championship on rally company needed a car of the smaller sizes. Originally posted by Simon T View Post. Ford Escort RS Cosworth Rally Car Is Ken Block&39;s New WRC Toy At the Stage 4 of the NEFR, Block and Gelsomino hit a huge rock that sent them rolling twice before ending up in flames at the side of. Body panels and silver finish are believed to be original.

Enter Sun International – the now defunct, but well-known importer of said fruit. The Ford Escort RS Cosworth is one of the most beloved British-Fords of its era, it was developed for rally, with the homologation requirements meaning that. 5-16 road car, going from the first 2. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The Ford Escort RS Cosworth is a rally version homologation special of the fifth generation European Ford Escort.

The The Story of the Escort Cosworth Escort RS was built on an altered Sierra Cosworth platform and assembled by Karmann in Germany. A drag strip isn&39;t the first place you&39;d expect a Mk1 Ford Escort, but this one seems to be right at home. Most of the vehicles brought in were the 1995 model year of the T25 version. For 42 years, the Escort was truly part of the furniture, transporting. As Keith Duckworth was busy designing and developing the DFV, the project was assigned to Mike The Story of the Escort Cosworth Hall, who created the 1601 cc BDA on the Kent block for The Story of the Escort Cosworth homologation purposes. The Weber-Marelli engine management systems used in the first four models of the Cosworth range of cars are all slightly different.

Popular with enthusiasts, essential for works teams and private owners to compete in motor sport, these affordable performance cars achieved phenomenal success in rallying and racing. Most significant was Escort RS1600/1800, with its Cosworth engine, the mainstay of many rally teams, while Escort Mexico and RS were used by enthusiastic Clubmen. 3-16 to the Evolution models homologated for DTM contention in the later years of the 190E’s racing career. Block and co-driver Alex Gelsomino have been using the iconic Blue Oval WRC machine to compete in this year’s American Rally Association championship. While many think of the Min. Â* All of the models brought in featured the signature whale-tail wing and the Cosworth YBT engine which produced 217 horsepower from the stock 2. Hoonigan star’s Ford Escort Cosworth written off in fierce blaze One of the most exciting rally cars to compete this year has been Ken Block’s Ford Escort Cosworth.

Ford Focus RS ford escort rs cosworth Ford Focus RS click to load Disqus comments for this story This enables Disqus, Inc. Motorsport maniac Ken Block has unveiled the impressive design for his new Ford Escort RS Cosworth, ahead of it embarking on a world tour. And the Escort quite possibly turned out to be their crowning achievement. The inside story of the creation of Rallye Sport Fords in the 70s and 80s. 8-liter diesel option, resulting in a car which I imagine was as boring to drive as it was to look at. Factory 16″ wheels wear Toyo Proxes R1R tires.

Where other Sierras were replaced by the Mondeo, the new Cosworth would be an Escort. Escort RS Cosworth Owner. Cosworth solidified its association with Ford in 1969, by developing a double overhead camshaft (DOHC) 16-valve inline four-cylinder engine for road use in the Ford Escort. Hate to say this, but. Like any designer, recent grad or otherwise, he was thrilled to create a race. The Ford Escort RS Cosworth is one of the most beloved British-Fords of its era, it was developed for rally, with the homologation requirements meaning that a road-going version was also offered to the general public.

Based on the outgoing Ford Sierra RS Cosworth platform, the Ford Escort RS Cosworth was introduced in 1992 with a simple premise - give Ford its first World Rally Championship since 1979. 0-liter on up to a 1. Applying the RS badge to the fifth-gen Escort and then bolting in the Cosworth engine was a kind of alchemy. It&39;s a funky two-wing system that has a lower lip spoiler connected to a high-mounted wing. After much teasing on social media, Block launched a. Originally conceived as a homologation version of the fifth-gen European Escort, the purpose of the street-going RS was to allow Ford to qualify for Group A competition in the World Rally Championship. Ford entrusted with development of model companies SVE (dealing with the development and design of special vehicles) and Cosworth.

to process some of your data. Ford has a long history of great hot hatches and small cars – from the Lotus-Cortina to today’s latest Focus ST. , 21:29:16. See more videos for The Story Of The Escort Cosworth. Ford Escort RS Cosworth Initially built for World Rally Championship Group A competition homologation, these AWD turbocharged hatches were victorious at 10 different WRC events from. It was used as a homologation vehicle and is still regarded by many fans of the Blue Oval as one of the best models in the history of the company. The Story of The Escort Cosworth DVD, Code:, 0 All Regions, PAL 4:3, Everything Ford had hoped for - and more, much, much more.

Without a doubt, the Ford Escort RS Cosworth is an iconic car featuring an iconic, unforgettable design. The Ford Escort won more competition events than any other single marque in motor sport history. It was designed to qualify as a Group A car for the World Rally Championship, in which it competed between 19. The most basic Weber-Marelli system was the Level One system used in the original hatchback Cosworth. Iconic Ford Escort Cosworth,Last of the escort Cosworth 1996,2. Frank Stephenson began his career in 1986 with Ford Motor Company, where he contributed to the design of the Ford Escort RS Cosworth. 1/30 SLIDES © Classic Ford Show The story of the Ford Escort In 1968, Ford launched a car that became a sales sensation.

In the 60s Ford built the sensational Le Mans-winning GT40, started making high performance production cars the Lotus Cortina and Twin Cam. But few are more fondly remembered than the Escort Sierra RS Cosworth, the big. Ford Escort Cosworth Designed to win on the world’s rally stages, and with its mighty whale tail spoiler, the Escort Cosworth has become one of the most iconic fast Fords of all time.

In 1980 the Escort platform went front-wheel drive, with drivetrains ranging from a piddly 1. Â* The engine is very stout and tuners have pushed some models up to a 1000 horsepower. The RS Cosworth&39;s design was the first project Stephenson tackled after graduating from design school in the mid-1980s. The Ford Escort RS Cosworth was the fastest, wildest, and most extreme version of the fifth-generation Escort in Europe.

Ford Escort RS Cosworth, 1993/K-reg, 25k miles, £40,000 (est): This well-preserved early car came from Hong Kong in. Ford took the base metal of the most blue-collar of their everyman motors and conjured something that outstripped the brand itself. That wasn’t a bad sales figure for a Group A homologation special, and for the 19 seasons, the platform even evolved into the Escort WRC. They cut the bottom of the all-wheel drive Sierra Cosworth with a body of. 0L turbocharged engine. The collection of cars known as the “Cosworth Mercedes-Benzes” needs no reintroduction to our readers, but in the many retellings of the journey from would-be rally car to championship-winning touring car, the story generally skips over the 2. ford escort rs cosworth Ford Escort Ford Ford Focus RS Focus RS rendering speed shot click to load Disqus comments for this story This enables Disqus, Inc.

Except it wasn’t. 1 seconds, a maximum top speed of 144 mph (232 km/h), a curb weight of 2910 lbs (1320 kgs), the Escort V RS Cosworth The Story of the Escort Cosworth has a turbocharged Inline 4 cylinder engine, Petrol motor, with the engine code N5E. This is the story of the upscale, US-market version of the Ford Escort MkIII, the Mercury Lynx. More The Story Of The Escort Cosworth images. It was a shortened Sierra Sapphire Cosworth 4×4 chassis under a body which aped the Escort.

The Escort Cosworth was a successful road car, and Ford ended up producing over 7,000 before the end of production in 1996. It has a full history and a recently rebuilt engine. With the twin-deck wing, the Escort Cosworth still produced enough downforce to win a total of ten WRC events, only for Ford to sell 7145 units until January 1996. The Ford Escort Cosworth&39;s unusual spoiler is one of the most recognizable designs in the car world. So Ford chose a smaller car to be the basis of the next Cosworth when Sierra production ended in 1992. Ford of Europe could do no wrong in the 1960s and 70s. Well, not just any Lynx. Ford > Ford Escort RS Cosworth.

More sedate road-going versions followed, and the model will forever be famous for its dramatic rear wing.

The Story of the Escort Cosworth

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